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Exclusive Interview: Chad Atkins Electrifies the Essential Elements of Dance Music

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Throughout our featured artist interview, Chad illustrates his overall creative process in which he brings his most impressionable tracks to life including the release of his most recent single, "Werewolf". Given Chad’s vibrant and emotional recording style, listeners can expect a hard hitting, energy evoking track once “Werewolf” prowls into their ears. Listen to our featured interview with Chad to find out what he's been up to since Cosmography Records dropped his most distinctively defining track to date.

"Werewolf" is is available on all major streaming services including Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, SoundCloud and more!


ON THE RADAR: Minneapolis Artist Chad Atkins Gears Up For His First International Performance at South Korea’s Zandari Festa

Music in Minnesota

by Justin Bailey

Chad Atkins writes love songs. Granted, the 24-year-old vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer is neither alone in this nor free of antecedents. Much of the poppier stuff he records and releases (as opposed to what he ends up scrapping, which is a lot) is unabashedly built on DNA from the deep end of the song pool first populated by the Postal Service and Owl City. But Ben Gifford and (especially) Adam Young’s lyrics and music to tend to run as chaste and convoluted as a Mormon tween’s LiveJournal in 2003.

Such is demonstrably not the case with the Lincoln, Nebraska native who first found inspiration in their work well before moving to Minneapolis a few years ago. While calling Atkins ‘Nebraska’s answer to D’Angelo’ might be taking things a bit too far (for now), truth is, his default mode is already skewing toward the sensual and direct in ways most pop EDM artists simply lack sufficient hormones (or imagination) to even think of emulating.[...]

Music in Minnesota

by Justin Bailey

​It’s easy to overlook the power that stories have on life, but as you listen to Chad Atkins’ debut album, Stories, their compelling power, and rightful place, becomes clear once again. Being released on August 25th, Stories is comprised of electronic beats, soulful lyrics, bright synths, and a liveliness that brings dancing back to the dance floor. Even if you aren’t interested in dance music, you will find yourself moving along to every piece.


“I decided to do this album as a testament to my life and my name, and as a sort of reminder to anyone who listens to it that their life has such immense significant purpose, even though we are such small, small specks in this vast universe, we all have a story to tell.” – Chad Atkins

ON THE RADAR: Chad Atkins Preps For ‘Homecoming’ Tour [INTERVIEW]

Music in Minnesota

by Justin Bailey

Minneapolis-based EDM/Pop artist Chad Atkins has been a very busy man since August. After releasing his debut album, Stories, on August 25th, Atkins has performed a handful of dates with his Nice Guy Entertainment labelmates at various clubs around the Cities, as well as releasing a three-song EP last month. Now, Atkins finds himself on the […]

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