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"Because it [Lightning] slices pop grooves in with EDM beats and calls back to a 90’s golden age as much as it looks to a club dance floor future there is an originality mixed with a familiarity, a progressive edge laced with a taste of past glories." - A&R Factory


Chad Atkins is what happens when the warmth of Midwest soul is successfully conjured in the assertive glossiness of modern EDM. A Lincoln, Nebraska native, Atkins’ current residence in the Twin Cities music scene has allowed him to sharpen his songwriting and storytelling, allowing for both the most tender and turbulent of emotions to be summoned whether on the dance floor or in a decompressing party of one.


Chad’s disarming vocals transcend language and powerful melodies and communicate what words never could have, and that has garnered him international acclaim. Chad’s ability to make such an impactful first impression is evident in the 200,000+ worldwide streams from people who’ve excitedly listened to and shared his music.


Chad’s latest single “Werewolf,” exemplifies his introverted recording style, and raised a full moon of intimacy upon the music world, bringing him everywhere from Chicago to Korea. It also saw him complete a mini-“homecoming” tour, playing venues across the Midwest before returning for a show in Lincoln, Nebraska, his hometown.

As he dives into the songwriting and production on his forthcoming full-length project, Chad is eager to share the next progression in his body of work coming in 2020.



Manager - Kelsey Geiger

Green Room Music Source


Agent - Adam Newton

Green Room Music Source

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