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Chad Atkins is what happens when the warmth of midwest soul is successfully conjured in the assertive glossiness of modern EDM. A Lincoln, Nebraska native, Atkins’ current residence in the Twin Cities music scene has allowed him to sharpen his songwriting and storytelling, allowing for both the most tender and turbulent of emotions to be summoned whether on the dance floor or in a decompressing party of one. 


Chad’s disarming vocals that transcend language and powerful melodies that communicate what words never could have seen him receive international acclaim, including performing in South Korea’s own Zandari Festa. Chad’s ability to make such an impactful first impression is evident in his success in his ten thousand plus streams nationally and internationally. 


Chad’s latest single, “Werewolf” is set to release June 28th worldwide.Given Chad’s vibrant and emotional recording style, listeners can expect a hard hitting, energy evoking track once “Werewolf” prowls into their ears.


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